Kunto Lite

Insight into Your Recovery Journey: Kunto App is Out!

Track Your Recovery Path with Kunto Lite

We are excited to announce that Kunto Lite is out of beta and now available for download on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Our product development and medical teams have focused on releasing a secure and impactful app and cloud service for recovery tracking. We are proud to present the latest version of our mobile app!

The Kunto digital platform provides a comprehensive self-care solution for tracking your recovery from orthopedic injuries or surgery. Relevant qualitative and quantitative data, including physical activity, pain, and experienced health, are captured from your mobile phone or connected wearables.

You can visualize fluctuations in your activity and pain levels over time and compare them to your target levels. The app also allows you to share your recovery data with family, friends, and caregivers.

Your data is securely encrypted and stored in the cloud, ensuring it remains safe even if you change or restore your phone. Your recovery history will automatically be visible on your new phone.

Download Kunto Lite on Apple App Store or Google Play. Sign up for free. Cancel anytime.

Kunto Lite

Kunto Research for Recovery Data Collection in Clinical Trials

Clinical studies can be costly, lengthy, and difficult to complete. Mobile technology can lower participation barriers, keep patients engaged, and support them throughout their trial experience. Automating data collection can also shorten timelines and reduce costs.

Kunto Research uses the Kunto digital platform to provide a secure mobile and cloud-based data collection solution for clinical trials. Patients can quickly learn to use the mobile app, and research teams can easily manage patients and collected data through an admin web application. Collected data can be analyzed using the Kunto platform’s dashboard tool or exported to external statistical tools for more detailed analysis.

Currently, our features include collecting data on physical activity, pain, and overall health. We have recently added important features such as push notifications, reminders, and access to e-health services (chat and video). We are also expanding data sources to include sleep tracking, an important aspect related to recovery from orthopedic injuries or surgery.

We are currently piloting Kunto Research with our clients, and would be happy to discuss your project needs and how we can help.

Contact us today to set up a demo of our Kunto Research platform.