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Optimize orthopedic care and recovery with objective and real-world data from patients’ smartphones.

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Tackling 4 Main Challenges

With 10 million orthopedic surgeries in Europe per year, doctors, hospitals, and clinics often have poor visibility into their patients recovery journey before and after orthopedic surgery or trauma.

Our remote patient monitoring platform gives doctors more visibility into patient recovery and outcomes by automatically collecting activity data and subjective questionnaire data through patients’ smartphones.

It has been proven to solve four main challenges with our test patient cases:

1. Lack of objective visibility into patient recovery
2. Missing "real-world" data such as PROMs/PREMs
3. No timely access to relevant activity and pain data
4. No overview of which patients need most care
Digital Platform

Elevated Recovery Visibility

Kunto Solutions’ remote patient monitoring platform is a cloud-based mobile app and back-end solution that automatically collects objective movement and activity data. Movement data is collected in the background through the sensors in your patients’ smartphones.

The platform also collects subjective data from the patient through a simple and intuitive digital interface, developed and trialled in co-operation with Helsinki University hospital.

Combined, you get a truly holistic view of your patients’ recovery journey and important outcome parameters.

Real-World Data

The Kunto Platform collects objective and subjective measurement data from patients' smartphones, such as:

  • Activity data
  • Pain data
  • Medication data
  • Test exercise data
  • Outcome score data
Decision Support

We are developing our platform to provide support for fact-based treatment and rehabilitation decisions.

  • Analysis for research projects and clinical trials
  • Insight into patients' progress 


Creates insight into patients' progress for analysis and visualization based on real-world data and Kunto’s proprietary algorithms.

Benefits Overview

Better Data, Better Outcomes

How the Kunto Solutions platform creates impact for different stakeholders:


Medical Personnel with Kunto Recovery

Clinical Research Professionals

Personalized Treatment Plan

A doctor prescribes the app personalized to unique care needs of each patient.

Intelligent Recovery (Under development)

Get insights from predictive algorithms and multi-dimensional data sets that give intelligent recovery options.

Easy data collection

Easily gather objective and subjective data from patients, such as activity levels, pain scores, medication, and test exercise scores.

Timely Follow-Up

Real-time and on-demand access to recovery data, insights and fact-based decision recommendations.


Research & Treatment


Kunto Research ™

  1. Collects objective measurement data from patients' smartphone without additional devices.
  2. Supports analysis for research projects and clinical trials

Kunto Recovery ™

  1. Currently under development, Kunto Recovery will:
  2. Collect measurement data from patients’ smartphones, without additional devices.
  3. Create insight into patient’s progress based on this data
  4. Support forecasting and modeling for optimal treatment and rehabilitation decisions

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About Us

Founded in 2021 in Finland, Kunto Solutions is an international healthtech startup driving the optimization of patient recovery after orthopedic surgery and trauma. In Finnish, ‘kunto’ means ‘condition’ or ‘fitness’.

Company Story

In 2020, CEO and Co-founder Armin Hummel had a friend with a pelvic fracture after a triathlon accident. Based on CT-scans and x-rays, doctors told him to stay in bed for six weeks – treatment that would heal his fracture but end his career as a top sportsman with the resulting muscle degeneration.


Armin’s childhood friend and doctor Jani Puhakka agreed to give a second opinion and treat the patient remotely. With a background in programming, Jani took a look at the scans, exported the activity and movement data from his mobile phone, and made an algorithm to create a personalized treatment plan based on movement. Based on near-real time data, Jani could tangibly see and predict how the patient was recovering. The patient fully recovered in 1-2 months, without the need for an operation.


In 2021, Jani and Armin assembled a skilled and experienced team of doctors, business developers, and tech masterminds to productize the algorithm and launch Kunto Solutions to meet the required Quality Management System (ISO 13485) and regulatory requirements set by EU medical device regulation (2017/745).


2022 sees Kunto Solutions expanding its offering to the German, Swiss and Nordic markets.


Founded in 2021 in Finland, Kunto Solutions is an international healthtech startup driving the optimization of patient recovery after orthopedic surgery and trauma. In Finnish, ‘kunto’ means ‘condition’ or ‘fitness’.


Kunto Solutions’ international and experienced team is a mix of practicing medical professionals and business development experts. They have a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of healthcare organizations and doctors and how to create innovative business solutions that create impact.

Jussi Kosola - MD, PhD


Jani Puhakka - MD

Co-Founder, Chair of the Board

Antti Stenroos - MD, PhD



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